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So glad you found your way here! (Palm Beach PD Workshop participants: Click on this title: PALM BEACH PD 2015 RESOURCES to be taken to the page to with the session ppt and handout.)


From this site you'll be able to select resources from the workshop and additional materials that you may find useful.

Here's an example of one such resource:




These were found quickly and easily by going to Pinterest and searching Cooperative Table Mats.

Aleta Roddy, the teacher who created these, has made them available on Teachers Pay Teacher (for free) but I've put them here to save you one step. :-)


Here is a list of Kagan Structures found on the Web. Note that the list references adolescent learners, however the structures are not limited by age or educational background. They flex to accommodate the content with which they are imbued and the learners who are working with them.

and again, as I add more depending on the workshops I'm providing.)


Check out the this Wiki's pages --listed to the right in the Navigator box --to locate materials of interest to you.  (Check back now


Wishing you a many successes with your learners and just as many reasons to laugh out loud along the way.


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